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Using art or being creative, is a great resource that we all have available. 
Being guided to tap into that ability is where I come in, you are giving me the honor of walking part of your path with you. 
This journey is not about being an artist or even artistic, it is about being open and ready for growth.  Giving yourself the ability to just create, allows you the freedom to be your authentic self.  There is no judgement or rules when it comes to being true to yourself.  You are worth the journey of self-discovery.  You are worth the journey of healing and you are worth becoming authentically you.  

Relaxation is the key component of this type of art therapy.  When you/your mind is calm, your intuitions and a clearer understanding of self can surface. 
Each class will start off with a short guided meditation, lights will be dim and there will be wonderful soothing scents circling the area.  You will feel relaxed and ready to create.  

These classes will not be "art" in the traditional sense.  We will be using textures, colors and words to allow our feeling to be expressed.
Click the - CLASSES - link for the opportunity to begin or continue on your journey.  

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